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Edward Fitzgibbon

Edward brings global experience having lived and worked for sports properties, agencies, and companies on 5/7 continents. He is a Managing Director at NYZ Consulting and Principal Consultant at Sports Rights Tech (SRT), which is a specialist advisory business focusing on the intersection of technology, intellectual property, and rights in sports and entertainment.

He has worked for global brands such as the International Cricket Council, Liverpool FC, North Melbourne Football Club, 4Front (now Legends) and others.

He was the Head of North America and Board Member for SponServe, an end-to-end sponsorship management tool before its acquisition by Kore Software, where he served as the VP of Sports and Entertainment. Eddie is experienced in starting, growing, and monetizing sports tech startups, having worked with many over his career. 

Eddie graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration. He finished his law degree in 2008.